Sunday, January 1, 2023

1976: Happy New Year

01 Jan 1976, Thu The Paducah Sun (Paducah, Kentucky)

Here's what we might be looking at on TV today 1976, Thursday, Jan. 1.

Right now, we’re almost an hour into two hours of Good Morning, America on Channel 3, Today on Channel 6 and news getting ready to give way to Captain Kangaroo on Channel 12. Channel 6 has the "Junior Rose Parade" at 9 (I didn’t know there was such a thing), a Rose Parade preview at 9:45 and the Rose Parade at 10:30. The Rose Bowl football game is at 3:30. I definitely want to see those. And when I’m not flipping around game shows and soap operas otherwise today, I might put on some of the stuff I didn’t get to and videotaped yesterday--the Sugar Bowl, for example.

OK, evening time … the big deal tonight is the Orange Bowl at 6:45 on Channel 6: Oklahoma and Michigan. Given that, here’s what I’ll be missing in prime time:

  • Barney Miller at 7, On the Rocks at 7:30, Streets of San Francisco at 8 and Harry O at 9 on 3
  • Waltons at 7, Hawaii Five-O at 8 and Barnaby Jones at 9 on 12

The late movie on 12 is Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in Artists and Models, which I’ve never seen, so I might watch that and flip in the commercials to whomever Johnny Carson and Tom Snyder have on 6. A Mannix and Longstreet are on late on 3. 

Happy new year!


  1. I remember this Oklahoma/Michigan game very well. The Sooners were prohibited from appearing on television during 1974 and 1975. This created a very strange situation, because Oklahoma was ranked number 1 at the end of the 1974 season, and was number 3 going into the bowls after the 1975 regular season. So for two years, the best team in college football hadn't been on television. I could barely remember seeing them before the ban, so they were a mystery to me. This game against Michigan was the first time anyone had seen them on TV since 1973.

  2. As it turned out, number-1 Ohio State was beaten by UCLA 23-10 in the Rose Bowl, which meant that Oklahoma could win a second consecutive national title by winning the Orange Bowl.

  3. The other thing I remember here was that it was a big deal to finally be in the Bicentennial Year. This had been building for the last few years, and it was a huge deal when the calendar flipped over and we were finally in 1976.

  4. Plus we had the Winter Olympics coming up, and competitive Presidential primaries in both parties -- something that had never happened before. There was a lot going on in 1976.

  5. I am really excited about this year. I'm really starting to hit my stride with it being the second half of second grade in my first year at Concord.

  6. The 1976 Winter Olympics begin on February 4. The Iowa caucuses are set for January 19. The New Hampshire Primary is February 24.

  7. In January 1976, the polling for the Democratic presidential nomination looked like this:

    Hubert Humphrey: 27 percent
    George Wallace: 22 percent
    Scoop Jackson: 6 percent
    Sargent Shriver: 6 percent
    Jimmy Carter: 4 percent
    Frank Church: 2 percent

    Humphrey ultimately decided not to run.

    1. I wrote a speech endorsing Jimmy Carter, and Mrs. Clark allowed me to deliver it to our third-grade class. When Mom died, we found the handwritten speech on torn-out notebook paper among her keepsakes, which was so sweet.

  8. In December 1975, Gallup showed the race for the GOP nomination looking like this:

    Gerald Ford: 45 percent
    Ronald Reagan: 45 percent

  9. The Democrats are planning to hold their convention in New York City; the Republicans will meet in Kansas City.

  10. The 1976 Summer Olympics will take place in Montreal, Canada. They will open on July 17.

  11. I loved all of these events. As much as I loved the networks' regular programming, I loved it, too, when regular programming was interrupted for special presentations.