Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Album Reviews: SOFI TUKKER, Marian Hill, Sigrid, Blxst



This is SOFI TUKKER's 2nd album since their first in 2018.  They are an American duo who met in Providence, Rhode Island.  They are not a band I had heard of until this album.  It's an interesting album but there is something off.  Not sure what it is just something that feels like it is lacking.  Still it's a fun listen, would be good while taking a walk around the city.  


why can't we just pretend? by Marian Hill

Another American duo I've never hear of, this one out of Philadelphia.  This is their 3rd album since 2016.  I like Samantha Gongol's vocals but I don't feel a connection between the arrangements and her vocals at all.  For me it doesn't work and I lose site of the song.  I haven't listened to their earlier stuff, so I'm not sure how this fits in with their overall sound, but I also didn't find enough her to be that interested.  

Maybe if I gave it more listens it would connect for me, but I don't think so.  If you like experimental pop then I would say give it a listen, because for me that is where this falls.  

How to Let Go by Sigrid

I believe Sigrid's last album was the best album of the decade.  So for me this album had big shoes to fill and though it has good moments, it is not the masterpiece that was her first album Sucker Punch.  The biggest problem for me is that at some point this album just seems to fall flat.  The energy seems to go out and never come back.  Definitely worth a listen and maybe if I give it more time it will grow on me.  

Before You Go by Blxst

This album is interesting.  Blxst is what I think of as a modern MC.  He's mixing rap with R&B and he creates a sound that is a nice blend.  But similar to SOFI TUKKER there is something off about the album.  At some point when listening to it, I find that I'm lost in it.  Feels like it's been on for a long time and it's just the same song repeating over and over.  The sound is nice, but the hooks are missing or something.  It has a chill mood and so it would be good as background music when having adult friends over for a night of board games. 

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  1. Well, I'm pleased to report that I loved the Marian Hill/Gashi number and that I've also added the Sigrid song to my repeating queue, so there's a terrific chance that one or both of these songs will figure into a future "My Favorite 10 Songs of the Last Seven Days" for some enticing HP-crossover magic. (Blxst would've made it, too, but I #canceled him for his language.)

    Which reminds me, ...