Thursday, September 22, 2022

NFL Week 3

I've waited for weeks for the AP to start releasing its new Pro32 polls for the NFL.  But apparently they aren't going to do that, and they aren't going to explain why they quit having the poll.  So I need to move on.  I will be using the NFL power rankings by Dan Hanzus, who write for  Here is the top 10:

1.  Buffalo:  2-0
2.  Kansas City:  2-0
3.  Philadelphia:  2-0
4.  Tampa Bay:  2-0
5.  Green Bay:  1-1
6.  Los Angeles:  1-1
7.  San Diego:  1-1
8.  Miami:  2-0
9.  San Francisco:  1-1
10.  Baltimore:  1-1

Washington is ranked number 27.

The Game of the Week is in Miami, where the number-8 Dolphins host the number-1 Bills at noon Central on Sunday.  The Bills have looked like the 1985 Bears so far, so the Dolphins may be the best team to take them on.  The 3:25 P.M. game on FOX is number-5 Green Bay at number-4 Tampa Bay.  Those are the only games featuring two teams in the Top 10.


  1. I'm not complaining about tonight's game between Pittsburgh and Cleveland being on Prime. Ever since COVID, I've mostly stopped complaining about the administrative side of sports. I'm just happy to have the games.