Wednesday, August 17, 2022

1975: khsfb Update


17 Aug 1975, Sun The Paducah Sun (Paducah, Kentucky)


  1. In watching Season 3 episodes of The Bob Newhart Show while waiting for the daughter to become available for Modern Family viewing, my wife and I have become fans of solid Pat/Patte Finley, who played Bob Hartley's sister/Howard's girlfriend. The other night, we saw an episode commentary in which Bob Newhart and James Burrows remembered that Finley's manager at the time was the fellow who went on to launch Famous Amos cookies (which are delicious).

    Finley is a celebrity panelist (bottom row, to Richard Dawson's left) on today 1975's Match Game 75.

  2. By the way, Season 3 of The Bob Newhart Show wrapped back in March 1975, and here were the last three episodes:

    — “Bob Hits the Ceiling,”
    — “Emily Hits the Ceiling” and
    — “The Ceiling Hits Bob.”

    I think that's really clever. Incidentally, they do not obviously form any more of a continuous story than any three other successive episodes of the show that I’ve seen; it's just inside word play among the writers.

    The last of the three episodes is about how everything is collapsing around Bob—Ellen and Howard are planning to move to New York (they don’t); Carol plans to get a job elsewhere (she doesn’t), and the ceiling of his office falls in on him (it actually does). This episode was the rerun on Channel 12 this past Saturday night in August 1975.