Thursday, May 19, 2022

Stage 1, Saturday, of the Tour of USA, KY Edition

 Louisville TT (10.7KM, 60M of elevation)

Every year when I get to following the grand tours I always think how much fun it would be if there was a grand tour here in the US.  The way I think it should work is to have the tour change up each year and go from state to state, or you can group states if you like.  

Generally speaking the opening stage is held in a city and it is a short Time Trial.  This allows everything to kick off with a nice big crowd and a celebratory environment for the opening of the race.  

I've got the one I'm planning out for this year starting in Louisville and holding a 10k stage for the opener.  Here is the route I thought up for Stage 1.  

This is a classic power time trialists time trial, so look for a specialist to win this stage. 

On day two we will be heading to Owensboro.  


  1. Well, this is very fun to think about, of course. I always enjoy Louisville, and I've come to appreciate Owensboro more and more. So this will be.a great kickoff.

    I have some friends who live in Butchertown, and they sometimes project movies for their neighbors against the flood wall that runs through that neighborhood. The whole back end of their house opens like a garage door from their back patio into their kitchen. So I'm imagining that they are hosting an evening event for our old WKU chums after the event and that I'm invited!

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    1. I was very happy for him, although it's impossible for me to take the PGA Tournament seriously in May. It felt like I was watching the Colonial Open.