Tuesday, April 19, 2022

The Music of 1984

 Inspired by Eric going to 500 I went this time to 500 and only added one album to the list.  

Albums I Listen to Today

1. Aerial Boundaries by Michael Hedges.  This is another one that my brother brought back from college.  Similar to December by George Winston in that it was an immediate classic.  

2. Steeltown by Big Country.  Another Kroger special. 

3. Diamond Life by Sade.  I didn't buy this album until maybe 1985 after purchasing her second album.  

4. Reckoning by R.E.M.  When I think of R.E.M. this is the album I think of and I've never gotten tired of it.  

5. Purple Rain by Prince.  When I think of Prince this is the album I think of and I've never gotten tired of it. 

6. Eden by Everything But the Girl.  The one I play least often but a solid album none the less.  I tend to usually play the US release of this album titled Everything But the Girl, which came out the same year.  

Albums I No Longer Listen to Today

7. Legend by Bob Marley.  I can see a day when I would put this album on to introduce Marley to the kids, but not something I've done yet. 

8. The Smiths by The Smiths.  Their weakest album I can't recall the last time I listened to it all the way through. 

9. Like a Virgin by Madonna.  This is a classic album and it is solid from start to finish, but it's not a Madonna album I'll put on to listen to these days. 

10. Concert by The Cure.  This is a very solid concert album and one that I really like.  But now if I want Cure concert stuff I'll go find their Orange concert on youtube.  

11. The Milkshakes in Germany by The Milkshakes.  This is a funny one to be this high up, but I can remember the last time I listened to this album.  Once in a blue moon I get in the mood for this music and throw on this album.  

12. Born In the USA by Bruce Springsteen.  I listen to songs off of this album, but not the album.  

13. The Unforgettable Fire by U2.  This was never my favorite but it has grown on me over the years.  

14. Some Great Reward by Depeche Mode.  A big player for me in 1986/87.

15. Ocean Rain by Echo and the Bunnymen.  If you are going to own an Echo and the Bunnymen album this is the one to own.  

16. Cafe Bleu by Style Council.  I bought this for the song that features Tracey Thorn. 

17. The Top by The Cure.  Until Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me there isn't a Cure album I'll listen to from start to finish.  

18. Walking in the Shadow of the Big Man by Guadalcanal Diary.  A good album back in its day, but one I haven't listened to since like 1988.

19. Mirror Moves by Psychedelic Furs.  Another 1988 player.  


  1. I finally bought "Purple Rain" a few years ago, and I listen to it a fair amount. I still really like "Born in the USA," but I've heard it so often I don't listen to it all that much. I probably listen to "Reckoning" about as much as all other albums from 1984 put together.

  2. 1984 was the last summer before I went to college, and therefore it was the last time that I really spent a huge amount of time watching MTV. What I mainly remember about music from 1984 are all the videos from Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, and Van Halen. Of all the years I can remember, 1984 was the one in which the public culture -- mass entertainment, news, sports, all the things that folks talk about on Twitter now -- was the most cheerful. And that's how I remember the music.

  3. 1984 was also the summer of "Ghostbusters," "Footloose," "Beverly Hills Cop," and "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom." I'm not sure I can remember a more pleasant summer of movies. And then, in the fall, like a harbinger of the future, "The Terminator" was released.

  4. I got Diamond Life for a quarter at a public-library sale in the Chicago suburbs.

  5. The video for "The Unforgettable Fire" was always a rare treasure whenever it turned up on MTV, and it's wonderful to now be able to go look at it whenever I want. I wish the snow and night-city scenes would just go on and on, and the sound of that song just takes me back to going out driving fast at night on I-65 and that one parkway that terminates at Glasgow.