Wednesday, February 2, 2022

NFL Update



If Mike McDaniel ends up taking the Dolphins' head-coaching position later this week, it'll mean he's not nearly the genius that everyone keeps saying he is. 

I don't think it will happen. He really does seem like a smart guy.

I think McDaniel would be wise now to stick with the 49ers and help engineer a trade with the Dolphins--Jimmy Garoppolo and, say, a fifth-round draft choice for Tua Tagovailoa. Jimmy G is apparently done in San Francisco, and Tua ought to be done in Miami. There was a report earlier this week that McDaniel had a plan of how to win with Tua with the Dolphins, and I do believe that Tua could win a lot more with the 49ers. He's a good quarterback, a tough football player and a charming young fellow. I think he could end up having an excellent career in the right situation, and, if that turns out to be in San Francisco starting next season, McDaniel would be even more highly regarded than he is now.

If the 49ers-Dolphins trade doesn't work out, maybe Tua could go to the Commanders for Ryan Fitzpatrick and a draft choice. Maybe Miami could draft Western Kentucky's Bailey Zappe and have him ready to go in three or four years under the new ownership. (Actually, I doubt this is a possibility; it appears that Fitzpatrick is planning to start a broadcasting career in Buffalo.)



As for the Dolphins' current head-coach opening, it suddenly got even less attractive, didn't it? Who's going to want to come coach that team given that it's going to take a couple of years of chaos to pry the team away from Stephen Ross after it has turned out he has been endangering the NFL's whole relationship with gambling? My suggestion for the job would be Brian Flores. He's an excellent coach, and there's no way any other team is going to hire him--we all see what they've done to Colin Kaepernick.

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  1. San Fran already has a new QB. If they want to tank again I could coach. I would happily take $100,000 per loss. Of the Texans, Jags, and Dolphins I'm really not sure which job is worse. All of them have front offices no one wants to work with. It's funny a few years ago no one could figure out how Jack Easterby manipulated his way into his high position in Texas and everyone looked upon that situation as one to stay away from, but now. The Jags GM is a guy no one trusts or will work with. Now the Dolphins find themselves in the same situation with their GM.