Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Dawn FM by The Weeknd

The Weeknd has become a big star since he put out his first album in 2013.  In the US his last three albums all went to number 1.  In 2020 his song "Blinding Lights" went to number 1 in the US and stayed there for 4 weeks.  Now he has put out his 5th studio album Dawn FM.  It's a concept album of sorts and he's made it pretty clear he's tapping into the sounds of the 80's.  

He's an interesting artist.  If I see he has an album out I will make a point of listening to it, but for me there is always something lacking.  I'm not sure what it is, but there is a disconnect for me somewhere with his music.  I find this album OK but not something I will be coming back to.  



FKA twigs is another really interesting artist.  This album is considered a mixtape.  I've never really understood the idea of a mixtape, but i think I get it here.  All in all it has a feel of you sitting in a room with her as she plays music and talks about her life.  In that sense it works and it all flows together.

I found this album to be very interesting.  The more I listened the more I liked it.  twigs is a very artsy musician.  Her music, her performance I think of as being in the genre of art rock.  This is interesting because this album feels more like her just playing around with pop songs.  Makes me think she should be on the masked singer as I would love to hear her just sing some pop songs and see what she would do with them.

For me if this were a stripped down pop album it might be really good, but I also get the personal feeling of the mixtape vibe, so I guess I get why she went this direction and it works for me.  This is an album I'll come back to through the year as I seem to find something different I like each time I listen.  




  1. The Weeknd's lyrics are so embarrassing sometimes that I actually have canceled him in my own life.

  2. Is that masked-singer show any good? I've seen its commercials, but I'm always turned off by the masks they seem to use.

  3. I like the FKA twigs songs you've shared at the HP, including this one.

  4. My oldest likes it. I've only watched clips on youtube like this one. https://youtu.be/X5kpsrSvzAE

  5. We'll check it out--looks fun. We watched the first episode of That's My Jam, and it had its moments.

  6. At some point, I plan to post my favorite songs list of 2021. I love doing that, but I just haven't gotten to calculating it up yet. I have a guess that No. 1 is going to turn out to have been "Eagle Song" by the Staves. That's my favorite song so far of 2022 so far, and No. 2 is "I'm Knee Deep In Loving You" by Jerry Lee Lewis. I'd never heard that one until a couple of weeks ago, but I discovered it when learning that he spent several nights playing at the Executive Inn in Evansville in January 1975, and I can't get enough of it.