Monday, January 24, 2022

Cats Stay at Number 12 in the AP Poll

We speculated that last week's ranking of UK at number 12 was designed to account for the fact that the pollsters expected the Cats to lose at Auburn on Saturday.  The Cats did lose at Auburn, but the pollsters kept them at number 12.  My guess is that this number also reflects UK's expected loss at Kansas on Saturday.


  1. The word on Twitter is that TyTy Washington will not play tonight against Mississippi State, which is really bad news. We can only hope that by now the Cats are used to playing without their whole team.

  2. If TyTy can't play tonight, I'd be inclined to let him skip the game on Saturday at Kansas as well. That's a hopeless place to play -- KU will always get as many free throws as it needs to win -- and we may as well focus on the rest of the season.

  3. But the Cats do need to win tonight, and without TyTy that will be difficult.