Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Best of 2021

Here are the songs on my Best of 2021 Playlist

 1 Polite by Erika de Casier

      I liked this song mostly because of the sound.  It reminds me of some mid 90's stuff that I really liked. 


2 Use Somebody by dvsn

     Again like the sound of this song quite a bit.  Never got tired of listening to it through the year. 

 3 Girl is a Gun by Halsey

     Love the energy of this song.

4 Either by Fancy Hagood

     I really like the novel Maurice by EM Forster and this song made me think of that book.  

5 Link by Alycia Bella

     The best song off of this album that I found interesting to listen to all year.

6 Bad Neighbours by Middle Kids

     Just really like the sound of this song.  

7 Silk by Ashley Monroe

     I'm a big Ashley Monroe fan and on every album I find one or two songs that I really like.

8 NO news on TV by Noga Erez

    I don't know that I heard any song that better summed up where everyone was at the beginning of 2021 than this song.  

9 Survive by Flux Pavilion

     Anytime this year I needed a smile and a pick me up song, this was the song I threw on.  Just something about it. 

10 Better Than That by Erika de Casier

     I feel like at 32 this debut album is probably all that Erika de Casier has in her, but it's a solid album and I really like the sound of this song.  

11 Sixty Summers by Julia Stone

     My daughter and I greatly disagree on this song.  She really doesn't like it, but it got stuck in my play queue for a bit this year. 

12 Man's World by MARINA

     This is an interesting album from a Welsh born singer that I really like.  This song may best encapsulate the attitude I hear from a lot of women these days. 

13 Ideal Woman by Celeste

     I really like the lyrics to this song and Celeste has a great voice. 

14 Your Power by Billie Eilish

     I didn't find her new album to be very interesting to listen to, but this is a pretty song with Billie Eilish's usual smart and interesting lyrics.

15 The Art Of Starting Over by Demi Lovato

    I'm not a big Demi Lovato fan, but I really like this song.

16 Bells in Santa Fe by Halsey

      I love the sound of this song and Halsey, like Billie Eilish writes very smart interesting lyrics.  They both work in the abstract which isn't my favorite, but they do a good job of writing in a way that still connects with me.  

17 Drive by Ashley Monroe

     Sexiest song I've heard this year. 

18 Easy by Julia Stone

      I love the sound of this song, but I really love the lyrics to this song.  

19 You asked for this by Halsey

     I'll break this song down more in my album of the year review, but for the past two albums I feel like this is what Halsey has been building to and she wrote it in this song.  

20 Loneliness by Birdy

     This is the only song that got stuck on a loop with me for an extended time this year.  It's a beautiful song.  


  1. My gosh, the opening of No. 1 sounds so much like "Sweetest Taboo."

  2. Your end-of-the-year lists are always big Ashley Monroe moments for me.

  3. You are the biggest pop-music fan I've ever known. I really respect this about you.

  4. On "Bells in Santa Fe" and getting excited about the sexiest song of the year coming up next. Maybe I'll shave first.