Wednesday, October 13, 2021

AP Pro 32 and Survivor Pool

Here is the latest top 10 in the NFL:

T1.  Arizona:  5-0
T1.  Buffalo:  4-1
3.  Tampa Bay:  4-1
4.  Los Angeles:  4-1
5.  San Diego:  4-1
6.  Baltimore:  4-1
7.  Dallas:  4-1
8.  Green Bay:  4-1
9.  Cleveland:  3-2
10.  Kansas City:  2-3

Now that the baseball playoffs are going, it's time to start bye weeks, which means fewer games.  But we still have some good matchups.  This week the Game of the Week is in Cleveland, where the Browns will host the Cardinals on Sunday at 3:05 PM Central.  We also have the number-5 Chargers visiting the Number-6 Ravens in Baltimore at noon Central -- I like seeing a top-10 game in that noon Sunday slot.

Meanwhile, here's how we're doing in Survivor Pool:

Week One:  Los Angeles 34 - 14 Chicago (survived)
Week Two:  Cleveland 31 - 21 Houston (survived)
Week Three:  Denver 26 - 0 New York Jets (survived)
Week Four:  Buffalo 40 - 0 Houston (survived)
Week Five:  Tampa Bay 45 - 17 Miami (survived)

The Survivor Pool gets tougher each week as you have fewer teams to choose from, and this week it is made more difficult by having fewer teams in action.  I'm not crazy about any of my options this week, but the best one seems to be the Indianapolis Colts, who are at home against the Texans on Sunday at noon Central.  So we'll go with the Colts.


  1. Oh, wow, I see that it really does get harder--Colts over Texans is probably the best choice but definitely not any too appealing.

  2. I find it sad that the obvious choice is not Dolphins over Jaguars. If they lose to Jacksonville I'm thinking that Flores should just stay in London. This is starting to feel like it's heading in a really bad direction for Miami.

  3. For the record, I do think the Dolphins are going to win that game -- and I might have picked them if the game were being played in Miami. But games played in London are just too weird to rely on.

    According to the Internet, the most popular pick this week for Survivor Pools is the Rams at the Giants. But I took the Rams in Week One, so I can't take them again.

  4. I do believe I might become a lifelong Titans fan if I was 7 today.