Tuesday, October 5, 2021

AP NFL Poll and Survivor Pool

Here is the latest top 10 from the AP's Pro 32:

1.  Arizona:  4-0
2.  Buffalo:  3-1
3.  Tampa Bay:  3-1
4.  Los Angeles:  4-1
5.  Baltimore:  3-1
6.  Green Bay:  3-1
7.  San Diego:  3-1
8.  Cleveland:  3-1
9.  Dallas:  3-1
10.  Kansas City:  2-2

It's the first time this season that a team from the NFC East has cracked the top 10.  I think it's the first time the Cardinals have ever been number one.

The Football Team (2-2) is number 19.  The talk in Washington is all about whether Trevor Heinicke is a top-15 quarterback in the NFL.  Miami (1-3) is number 26.

The Game of the Week is on Sunday Night, when the number-3 Bills travel to Kansas City to take on the number-10 Chiefs in a rematch of last year's AFC Title Game.  The other top-10 game features Cleveland traveling to California to take on the Chargers at 3:05 PM Central on Sunday.

Meanwhile, here's how we've been doing in Survivor Pool:

Week One: Los Angeles 34 - 14 Chicago (survived)
Week Two:  Cleveland 31 - 21 Houston (survived)
Week Three:  Denver 26 - 0 New York Jets (survived)
Week Four:  Buffalo 40 - 0 Houston (survived)

The last few weeks have been relatively easy, but this week is tougher.  I'm going with Tampa Bay at home against the Dolphins even though I don't really trust Brady (or the Bucs) in this type of game.  But all of the other options are worse.


  1. They talked briefly about Heinicke on The Athletic Football Show the other day asking has anyone ever been playing with house money like him.