Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Euro 2020

Every four years, the nations of Europe play a soccer tournament.  Last year's tournament was postponed, of course, due to COVID, so it's being played this summer.  They started with 24 teams, and went through their usual group process -- six groups, four teams in each group.  To be honest, it's really grim to watch soccer with limited fan attendance, and Hungary was the only country with a full stadium.  So I haven't paid that much attention to it.  But we are now down to the knockout rounds, which will begin with a round of 16 starting on Saturday.  Here's what it will look like.  The games below are listed in the order of the bracket -- in other words, the Belgium/Portugal winner will play the Italy/Austria winner, and so on:

Sunday, June 27, in Seville, Spain:
Belgium v. Portugal

Saturday, June 26, in London, England:
Italy v. Austria

Monday, June 28, in Bucharest, Romania:
France v. Switzerland

Monday, June 28, in Copenhagen, Denmark:
Croatia v. Spain

Tuesday, June 29, in Glasgow, Scotland:
Sweden v. Ukraine

Tuesday, June 29, in London, England:
England v. Germany

Sunday, June 27, in Budapest, Hungary:
Netherlands v. Czech Republic

Saturday, June 26, in Amsterdam, Netherlands:
Wales v. Denmark

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