Monday, April 5, 2021

College Baseball

Vandy's baseball team went down to Baton Rouge, where the Commodores rolled over LSU by scores of 13-1, 11-2, and 5-4.  The Dores remain number 1 in the nation and are now 8-1 in the SEC.  Vandy, Tennessee, and Louisville are now all in the top seven.

Here is the new top ten from D1 Baseball:

1.  Vanderbilt:  23-3
2.  Arkansas:  22-4
3.  Mississippi:  21-6
4.  Texas:  20-8
5.  Mississippi St.:  20-7
6.  Tennessee:  24-5
7.  Louisville:  18-8
8.  Texas Tech:  20-6
9.  E. Carolina:  22-5
10.  Texas Christian:  20-7


  1. MLB has apparently decided to stick with 7-inning double-headers, on the grounds that most people want less baseball. The Nats have a 7-inning double-header today with the Braves.

  2. Vandy beat UT-Martin 5-4 last night, and the Dores' record is now 24-3.

  3. I'm now watching the YouTube Game of the Week between the Devil Rays and the Red Sox. I don't know why the Game of the Week is on Wednesday Afternoon, but there we are.

  4. Every year I tell myself that this will be the year I spend more time watching the Nats. And then every year I realize that I find the Nats so distracting that I simply cannot watch them very often.

  5. A's 4, world-champion Dodgers 3.


  6. The Braves swept the 7-inning double header from the Nats, 7-6 and 2-0. I'm glad I didn't watch.