Friday, January 29, 2021

Pennant Fever

 As expected, Manchester City has taken the lead in the English Premier League.  But keep an eye on West Ham United -- the East London squad hasn't finished as high as 5th place in the League since 1999.

1.  Manchester City:  12-2-5 (41 points)
2.  Manchester Utd:  12-4-4 (40 points)
3.  Leicester City:  12-5-3 (39 points)
4.  Liverpool:  10-3-7 (37 points)
5.  West Ham Utd:  10-5-5 (35 points)

Meanwhile, this F.A. Cup is looking entertaining.  All of the top teams have reached the fifth round, except for Liverpool who was beaten in a classic at Manchester United.  Here are the fifth round match-ups (home teams listed first).  These games will be played between February 9 and February 11:

Burnley v. Bournemouth
Manchester United v. West Ham United
Swansea City v. Manchester City
Sheffield United v. Bristol City
Leicester City v. Brighton & Hove Albion
Everton v. Tottenham Hotspur
Wolverhampton Wanderers v. Southampton
Barnsley v. Chelsea


  1. I'm rooting for a Cup Final between Manchester City and Manchester United. That would be tremendous.

  2. I tend to root for West Ham United because I've liked the name ever since I first heard of it. Also, it reminds me of the play at the end of the To Kill a Mockingbird movie, when Scout portrays a ham.