Monday, December 14, 2020

Album Reviews: Tim McGraw and LANY

Here On Earth:  Have you ever seen the movie Sweet Home Alabama?  The guy in that movie is the perfect representation of what Tim McGraw and his music is all about.  He's very country but he's thoughtful and sophisticated in his own way.  A modern Southern man.  

As for the album.  It is too long at 16 tracks.  Though there isn't a bad track on it there aren't any that really jump out at you either.  The opening track "L.A." is to me the most interesting because it has such a 70's Glenn Campbell sort of sound.  If you like Tim McGraw then I don't think there is any reason not to like this album.  

Mamma's Boy:  I had never heard of this band before, but this is their 3rd album.  I got to reading about the band and will say I was not surprised when I read that the band formed in Nashville, but are now based out of LA.  You could take all the tracks off of this album and hand them over to Tim McGraw to do on his next album and it would work.  These guys are going for the same sort of vibe as Tim McGraw with their songs.  The difference here is that McGraw has to have at lease one reference to Merl while these guys will reference Radiohead.  

Also similar to the Tim McGraw album this album is too long, doesn't have any bad tracks, but doesn't have anything to recommend it.  

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  1. My wife likes Tim McGraw to the extent to which I do not like to discuss him. But thanks for the tip, I might add this to her Christmas20 list.