Wednesday, October 21, 2020

World Series: Game One

Well, that's probably the best game I've ever seen the Dodgers play in the World Series.  Clayton Kershaw was great, Mookie Betts was amazing, and the Dodgers rolled to an 8-3 win.

On the Kershaw issue, Dan LeBetard pointed out today that in 2017, the Series was tied 2-2, and the Dodgers had a 4-0 lead in Game Five with Kershaw on the mound.  Kershaw almost never loses in that situation.  So under normal circumstances, Kershaw wins that game, the Dodgers go home with a 3-2 Series lead, and both the Dodgers and Kershaw become World Champions.  The Dodgers have a different reputation, Kershaw has a different reputation, everything is different.  What actually happened, of course, is that Houston cheated.  They scored six runs off of Kershaw, drove him out of the game, and beat the Dodgers 13-12 in 10 innings.  Everyone blamed Kershaw for choking, everyone criticized the Dodgers for blowing the game (they also had a 7-4 lead at one point), and everyone admired the plucky Astros.

This is why cheating is wicked, and why the Astros franchise should have been punished so heavily that it would be out of playoff contention for years and years to come.

Anyway, it was a good night for the Dodgers, but you can't really tell much about a series until you've seen at least three games.  Game Two is tonight.

Los Angeles leads Tampa Bay 1-0.

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