Wednesday, October 14, 2020

NFL Poll: Week Six

Kansas City scored 32 points against the Raiders, but still lost, so they are toppled from the top of the AP's poll.  Here's the current top 10:

1.  Seattle:  5-0
2.  Green Bay:  4-0
3.  Kansas City:  4-1
4.  Pittsburgh:  4-0
5.  Baltimore:  4-1
6.  Tennessee:  4-0
7.  Los Angeles:  4-1
8.  Buffalo:  4-1
9.  New England:  2-2
10.  Cleveland:  4-1

Look at the Browns, cracking the top 10.  I think that's the first time we've ever had Cleveland on this list.

The Dolphins (2-3) leaped from 24th to 18th after crushing the Niners 43 to 17.  The Football Team fell from 26th to 29th after getting blown out by the Rams, 30 to 10.  It's hard for me to believe that there are three teams in the NFL that are worse than the Football Team.  In other news, the Football Team has apparently decided it can do without Dwayne Haskins, so that decision not to draft Tua is looking worse by the day.

By the way, the Giants and Jets are a combined 0-10, so it's been a rough year for New York fans.

These days, you never know what games will be played, or when they will be played.  But on paper, as of Wednesday, the Game of the Week should be in Buffalo at 4 PM Central on Monday, with the #3 Chiefs traveling to face the #8 Bills.  I don't know if anyone will get to watch that game.  But at noon Central on Sunday, as soon as you get home from church, you have a chance to watch #10 Cleveland at # 4 Pittsburgh, and that will be a fun game for neutral fans.  Those are the only top 10 games this week.

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