Tuesday, September 22, 2020

NFL Poll, Week Three

I thought Week Two of the NFL was very entertaining.  Here is the latest Top Ten from the AP:

1.  Kansas City:  2-0
2.  Baltimore:  2-0
3.  Seattle:  2-0
4.  Green Bay:  2-0
5.  Buffalo:  2-0
6.  Pittsburgh:  2-0
7.  Los Angeles:  2-0
8.  New England:  1-1
9.  Arizona:  2-0
10.  New Orleans:  1-1

The Football Team (1-1) fell to 20th after being hammered by Arizona.  The Dolphins (0-2) moved up to 27 after a close game with Buffalo.

This week we have a rare #1 v. #2 matchup:  the Chiefs are coming to Baltimore to play the Ravens on Monday Night.  That will obviously be the Game of the Week -- and potentially the game of the year.  

But there's more!  Usually you get only one or two weeks a year with three top-ten matchups.  This week features three top-ten matchups.  We've already mentioned the Chiefs and the Ravens on Monday night.  The Sunday Night game features the #4 Packers at the #10 Saints.  Sunday at noon Central you can watch the #7 Rams at the #5 Bills.  That is a very strong weekend of football.


  1. The NFL really misses Pete Rozelle and Steve Sabol. The product on the field is spectacularly good, but the NFL doesn't have the ability to build legends and drama the way it once did.

  2. I would love to see a film with John Facenda narrating Kansas City's comeback against the Chargers last week.

  3. Here were the scores of Miami's first three games of NFL19: 10-59, 0-43 and 6-31.

    Here are the scores of its first three of NFL20: 11-21, 28-31 and 31-13.

    So ... happiness.

  4. I'm kind of liking what I see out of all of the teams that have won this week, and I have my doubts about all of the teams that have lost.