Tuesday, September 29, 2020

MLB Update

I'm not commenting on this silly first round of playoffs, and I may not comment on any of the playoffs.  MLB hasn't been trying very hard to convince me that this season matters.  I feel like all of the other sports are really trying to make the fans happy, and MLB is pouting.


  1. I think the folks who run MLB basically see it as a way to sell concessions at stadiums and fill airtime on regional sports networks. I think in their minds, people who actually care about the World Series are like people who think we should go back to the gold standard.

  2. In two games, the Reds played 22 innings of baseball in Atlanta and scored exactly zero runs. They have been eliminated.

  3. In the American League, the Rays have eliminated the Blue Jays, the Yankees have eliminated the Indians, and the Astros have eliminated the Twins. Whoever wins today between the ChiSox and the A's will complete the AL's Final Four.