Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Oh, Kentucky

"As the former executive director of the Perryville Battlefield Preservation Association, an organization that worked to protect Kentucky’s largest battleground, I have a request for those who fear the erasure of our past. Please don’t worry about statues that were installed decades after the Civil War. Instead, help our battlefields, where history actually happened."

"Murray State University, like the city of Murray, firmly supports the relocation of the statue."

"The Daviess County Public Library knows and emphatically proclaims that black lives matter,” according to a statement from the board. “And, we recognize that the need for change and justice is long past due. Your public library commits to being an active part of that change. We will listen with care and attention, and follow the lead of our black community; not just while this crisis is in the news, but moving forward."

Don't believe the hype: DQ is still coming to Columbia.

Good jobs news from Hickory.

Another artifact of the tremendous meeting coverage that is typical of contemporary of American newspaper journalism today--this one from the Coal Run city commission, courtesy of Austin Blankenship in Pikeville's Appalachian News-Express: "While Scott was asking Osborne for clarification regarding the other matters, as he said he wanted the minutes to correctly reflect the meeting, she began gathering her items and the(n) proceeded to walk to her vehicle."

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