Thursday, June 25, 2020

Merry Christmas 1974/2020

It's six months until Christmas.

Here are the pages I've dog-eared in the Sears Wish Book for the 1974 Christmas Season, which is my favorite book so far of 2020:

-- 46, 48, 49, 182, 186, 188, 189, 191 and 192 (would need to write to Sears and ask if they could specially produce each item in men's XL);

-- 50 (items 1 and 4 for those quiet nights at home with the wife);

-- 187 (both Miniature Football Helmet Kits in the bottom left);

-- 286 (Item 1);

-- 318 (their most popular Butter-Ring Popper, in green);

-- 353, 354 and 355 (all items);

-- 378 (items 3N660893, 3N4295 and 3N4568);

-- 386 (Item 1);

-- 395 (Item C6N10843--and welcome to the team, Gordie Howe!);

-- 408 (11 each of all nine models of the one-piece Helmets of rugged Cycolac(R) plastic);

-- 411 (Item T6N15288);

-- 520 (items 4, 6, 8 and 12), 521 (items 16 and 20) and 522 (all items--especially Sub Search but maybe not Probe, because I might already it);

-- 526 (Your America);

-- 528 (One-on-One Basketball and (just in case the one I already have breaks) BAS-KET);

-- 533 (Electric Baseball and Baseball-Football Game Set);

-- 535 (all items, about a dozen each, just in case--especially O.J. Simpson See-Action Football Game (!), which I no longer have and is amazing), and

-- 575 (all Evel Knievel toys, again).

Thank you, God, for, Sears, football, Mom, Dad, the wife, fun and Christmas.


  1. The brilliance of the Allen Ludden/Betty White stewardship of Password lies in their beautiful, shared passion for the game itself. They are not so much TV personalities in this program as they are evangelists for a particular instrument of fun. I love them, and I cannot wait until March 14, 2021, when I plan to watch this March 14, 1975, episode again. Please, Lord.

  2. Page 520/Item 6--Manhunt, The Electric Computer Detective Game--looks fantastic. I want to touch it! Check out the "punch card Clue Scanner" and the little plastic car playing pieces.

  3. Page 522, Item 1--Sub Search--has always looked amazing to me, and I've never played it. But the truth is that I've never loved Battleship; it always goes on too long for me, and this appears to be, basically, four simultaneous games of Battleship. So, upon further review, I'm removing Sub Search from my Christmas74/20 list. I'm as shocked as you are.

  4. Page 50/items 1 and 4--I actually did receive a robe from my wife for Christmas20!

  5. Page 187--I got out all of my little football helmets and arranged them around the TV before watching Super Bowl LV. I have two Chiefs helmet and one Buccaneers helmet, and those I placed facing each other on the little stand at the base and center of the television. I put the three Dolphins helmets I have on top of the set. Though I was rooting for Kansas City, it still turned out to be an enjoyable evening. I liked the Bruce Springsteen Jeep commercial. But back to Sears, I decided I do not need the goal-post stands, so I'm removing them from my Christmas list for 2021.

  6. Page 318--Also during Super Bowl LV, I ate popcorn. And I decided I still do want their most popular Butter-Ring Popper.