Tuesday, March 3, 2020

OVC Update

For the third year in a row, Murray State will have at least a share of the OVC regular season crown.  The Racers could have won the title outright, but on February 20, they visited Eastern Illinois -- where they led 52-28 with only 8:33 remaining in the game.  From that point on, EIU outscored the Racers 35 to 8, beating Murray 63-60 with a three-pointer at the buzzer.  That could have been an excuse for Murray to fall apart, but the Racers recovered to win their last three games, capping their season with a 75-61 win at home over Austin Peay.  So the Racers tied Belmont for first place.  Here are the final standings, with K-Pom rankings:

107.  Belmont:  15-3, 24-7
137.  Murray St:  15-3, 22-8

168.  Austin Peay:  14-4, 20-11

286.  E. Kentucky:  12-6, 15-16

235.  E. Illinois:  9-9, 16-14
249.  Tennessee St:  9-9, 17-14

277.  Jacksonville St:  8-10, 13-18

317.  Morehead St:  7-11, 13-18

331.  Tennessee Tech:  6-12, 9-22

337.  SIU-Edwardsville:  5-13, 8-23
338.  UT-Martin:  5-13, 9-20

341.  SE Missouri St:  3-15, 7-24

Now we all head to Evansville, where the real OVC title -- and its bid to the NCAA Tournament -- will finally be decided.

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  1. In an NCAA office full of Erics, each Division I conference would get its regular-season and tournament champion into the 64-team national tournament. The teams that won both their regular-season and tournament championships would host their first two games in the national tournament.

    On an Earth full of Erics, each state would host a tournament for its Division I teams. The 64-team national tournament would be filled first with the state-tournament winners, plus however many more wild cards determined by media poll.

    Go, Murray State!