Monday, March 16, 2020

NFL20 Update

The Dolphins just signed a guard in free agency. His name is Ereck Flowers; he's 25, and he apparently played pretty well for Washington last season after not living up to the Giants' expectations for him after they drafted him in the first round as a tackle a few seasons ago. I think I'm going to try to go over the top for the upcoming NFL draft and season, maybe with team-by-team analysis. I'll start with Miami ...

Projected Dolphins depth chart for NFL20 (developing):

QB1-Ryan Fitzpatrick (WHOM I LOVE!)
QB2-Josh Rosen (he's fine--happy to have him)
G1 or G2-Ereck Flowers (I'd never heard of him until 10 minutes ago)

Final prediction (developing): Super-bowl champions.


  1. Well, I have great news. I've been doing some studying, and it appears the NFL20 Miami Dolphins so far are at least 19 AVs better than the NFL19 version.