Thursday, January 30, 2020

SEC Update

This SEC season is like one of those really ugly seasons from near the end of Joe Hall's career, when none of the SEC teams were very good and every game turned into a messy scrum.  Here are the current standings, with Ken Pom ranking, conference won-loss record, and point differential:

30.  LSU:  7-0    +41

32.  Kentucky:  6-1  +53

36.  Auburn:  5-2  +11

45.  Alabama:  4-3  +40
38.  Mississippi St:  4-3  +39
40.  Florida:   4-3  +32
57.  Tennessee:  4-3  +21
90.  S. Carolina:  4-3   +18
154.  Texas A & M:  4-3   +8

35.  Arkansas:  3-4  +16

95.  Missouri:  2-5  -46

116.  Mississippi:  1-6  -50
98.  Georgia:  1-6  -69

180.  Vanderbilt:  0-7  -114

I don't think the SEC is as bad as the K-Pom numbers indicate.  On the other hand, I won't really be surprised if no SEC teams make the Sweet 16.

It's striking that after all their difficulties, the Cats have the best point differential in the league.  But they still have a long way to go.  Of UK's last 11 games, seven are against LSU, Auburn, Florida, and Tennessee.

One more point:  Vandy has now lost 25 conference games in a row, which I believe is the all-time record.  I watched them lose 77-62 at home to Alabama last week, and I thought they looked like the worst SEC team I had ever seen.  But they looked much better last night in Rupp Arena.

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