Tuesday, January 7, 2020

AP NFL Poll: Final Edition

Some folks are watching the NFL playoffs.  But those of us who remember when the AP used to pick the college champion already have our winner.  Here is the final top 10 from the AP's NFL poll:

1.  Baltimore:  14-2
2.  New Orleans:  13-3
3.  San Francisco:  13-3
4.  Kansas City:  12-4
5.  Green Bay:  13-3
6.  Seattle:  11-5
7.  New England:  12-4
8.  Minnesota:  10-6
9.  Buffalo:  10-6
10.  Houston:  10-6

The Tennessee Titans (number 12) are the only team outside the top 10 that is still playing.  The Saints (number 2), the Patriots (number 7), and the Bills (number 9) were all eliminated in the Wild Card Round.

The Dolphins (5-11) finished at number 25.  The Redskins (3-13) finished at number 30.

Here is a list of the other season-ending number one teams since the AP Poll began.  Those teams in bold completed the double by also winning the Super Bowl:

2012:  Denver (13-3)
2013:  Seattle (13-3)
2014:  Seattle (12-4)
2015:  Carolina (15-1)
2016:  New England (14-2)
2017:  New England (13-3)
2018:  New Orleans (13-3)

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  1. This season has turned out to be quite enjoyable for me, and I \expect everything to snap into place neatly from here on ... Baltimore and Kansas City, Green Bay and San Francisco this weekend ... Baltimore in a humdinger over Kansas City and then fairly comfortably over Green Bay or San Francisco in the Super Bowl. And that would be OK with me. I am rooting for Ryan Tannehill, Kenny Stills/Laremy Tunsil or Kansas City and Green Bay in the final, but this feels to me like a John Harbaugh deal.