Tuesday, December 3, 2019

AP NFL Poll: Week 14

Four weeks left in the NFL Season.  Some really big games last week.  The Ravens kicked a last-minute field goal to beat the Niners 20-17.  The Seahawks won a 37-30 shootout with the Vikings.  The Texans beat New England 28-22 in Houston.  So now the NFL's top 10 (according to AP) looks like this:

1.  Baltimore:  10-2
2.  Seattle:  10-2
3.  San Francisco:  10-2
4.  New Orleans:  10-2
5.  New England:  10-2
T6.  Kansas City:  8-4
T6.  Green Bay:  9-3
8.  Houston:  8-4
9.  Buffalo:  9-3
10.  Minnesota:  8-4

Those are some powerhouse teams in that top eight.  Right now, assuming no upsets, the playoff quarterfinals would look like this (home teams first):

Baltimore v. Houston
New England v. Kansas City
Seattle v. Green Bay
New Orleans v. San Francisco

Those are some very appealing games, although some of us are disappointed about the collapse of the NFC East.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the league, the Redskins (3-9) beat Carolina and moved from 30th to 29th.  The Dolphins (3-9) beat the Eagles(!) and moved from 29th to 26th.

This week, for the second week in a row, the Game of the Week kicks off at noon on Sunday.  It's like the 1970's all over again!  (But without inflation or the Baltimore Colts.)  Instead, we have the Baltimore Ravens going to Buffalo for a showdown with the Bills.  Yes, Buffalo has moved up to number nine after dominating the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, and the Bills will host a Top Ten Game on Sunday.

But wait, there's more!  That's only the second best game with a noon kickoff.  The best game with a noon kickoff -- and the real game of the week -- is in New Orleans, where the Saints are hosting the 49ers.  To me, of course, this match-up will always be a divisional game.

But wait again, there's even more!  You remember that late afternoon game on Channel 6 where they used to do the news at halftime?  This week, we have one of those games:  the Chiefs are going to New England for a replay of their regular season loss last year, and they will kick off at 3:25 PM Central Time.

So, for the second week in a row, we have three Top Ten games featuring the Ravens, the 49eirs, and the Patriots.  Should be fun.

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  1. Yes. Should be. NFL19 standings over last five games ...

    Bills 4-1
    Dolphins 3-2
    Jets 3-2
    Patriots 3-2

    Ravens 5-0
    Steelers 4-1
    Browns 3-2
    Bengals 1-4

    Texans 4-1
    Titans 4-1
    Colts 1-4
    Jaguars 1-4

    Chiefs 3-2
    Raiders 3-2
    Broncos 2-3
    Chargers 2-3

    Cowboys 2-3
    Eagles 2-3
    Redskins 2-3
    Giants 0-5

    Bears 3-2
    Packers 3-2
    Vikings 3-2
    Lions 0-5

    Saints 4-1
    Buccaneers 3-2
    Falcons 2-3
    Panthers 1-4

    Seahawks 5-0
    49ers 3-2
    Rams 3-2
    Cardinals 0-5