Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 Mix Tap

Here is my annual mix tape. For me it is essentially my top 20 songs of the year. At some point during the year each one of these songs was on a bit of a repeat mode for me.

1. LA by Boy Harsher
A great song for dark nights and dark days.

2. Free by Sasami
Not sure what it is about this song that works for me, but I got hooked on this song for about 2 weeks.

3. Cautious by Emarosa
This song was playing the other day at the house and my wife rolled her eyes at me playing some old 80's song. That's probably all you need to know about this song.

4. All Blacked Out by Girlpool
Sometimes it is just sentimental things. The reference in this song to Philly got me to like it.

5. Carried Away by H.E.R.
Great groove on this song. Great for working out or you just want to get going.

6. Adrenaline by Rudimental
OK this is a fantastic working out song and a great driving song.

7. Sucker by Broods
Apparently I have a thing for songs called Sucker. There was one on my mix tape a few years back.

8. One Drink by Picture This
Song makes me think of music I would have been drawn to in 1988, guess I still am drawn to it.

9. Side Effects by Shura
I sure hope that Shura's love lasts a lifetime. This is a such a beautiful album about falling in love and this is such a wonderful song about it.

10. Fate by H.E.R.
Such a pretty song.

11. Basic by Sigrid
I really like this song. Great to workout to, to clean the house to, or to listen to as a serious song. Smart lyrics.

12. Toast to Our Differences by Rudimental
This song probably best represents how I'm trying to approach everything in 2019. Need to get a lift up to feel better about the world and the idea that we can all get along if we just try, then put this song on.

13. Sacred Space by India.Arie
The most romantic song of the year. A good one to put on for you and your spouse to share on a late night when you just need to feel close to someone.

14. Cross You Out by Charli XCX
One of those songs that I like for no particular reason that I can put my finger on. Good workout song and great for cleaning the house.

15. Strangers by Sigrid
This song definitely got the most play in our house this year. Both kids really liked it. Again this album is so strong with songs. Another anytime song but again great for working out, cleaning the house.

16. Religion by Shura
I don't know that anyone has ever made a better album about falling in love. From the first blush of loves to the more complex aspects of it. This song is about that initial desire you have upon the first blushes of love.

17. Everytime You Go I Cry by Broods
A very good electro pop song. I've probably listened to this song more than any other this year. It's good for all occasions.

18. Bklynldn by Shura
As love progresses on this album there is this need to be with the other person that seems overwhelmingly strong. Just a really good song.

19. Never Mine by Sigrid
With an entire album of good songs this one for some reason became my favorite. A great electro pop song. I love the beat, the hook and the lyric.

20. i love you by Billie Eilish
Let's face it this was the year of Billie Eilish in many ways in music. I find this to be by far the best song of her young career and a song I played to death for a time this year.


  1. This is obviously a gross generalization, but, by and large, I don't care for our '80s music and even more don't care for the echoes of it in today's new music.

  2. Videos didn't die, after all, did they?

  3. I want to type a comment about the Omarosa song, but I keep getting Omarosa autocorrected to Omarosa, so I'm just going to give up because the comment wasn't worth much anyhow.

  4. The musical rage of 2019 in my house was song parodies, and Billie Eilish originals were among the most frequently parodied.