Friday, November 29, 2019

AP NFL Poll: Week 13

The big story last week was that the Ravens and 49ers looked Super Bowl Bound.  On Sunday Night, the Niners crushed the Packers 37-8, thanks to a dominating defense.  On Monday night, the Ravens crushed the Rams 45-6, thanks to the superb play of Lamar Jackson.  Meanwhile, the Pats beat the Cowboys 13-9, thanks to help from the officials.  Hey, you have to go with your strengths.

Here is the latest top 10 from the AP:

1.  Baltimore:  9-2
2.  New England:  10-1
3.  San Francisco:  10-1
4.  Seattle:  9-2
5.  New Orleans:  9-2
6.  Minnesota:  8-3
7.  Green Bay:  8-3
8.  Kansas City:  7-4
9.  Buffalo:  8-3
10.  Houston:  7-4

The Redskins' chances of getting a great draft pick took a heavy blow when they beat Detroit 19-16.  They move from 31st to 30th.  The Dolphins stay in 29th.

No more bye weeks!  No more games in London or Mexico!  Just regular football from now to the end of the year.  Hoorah!

 As usual, there were no good games on Thanksgiving.  But I'm fine with that.  For me, Thanksgiving football is basically there to help people get through awkward family gatherings, and you should always feel free to take a guilt-free nap if you want.

What we really want are good games on Sunday and Monday, and here the NFL has come through for us.  The Game of the Week is at noon on Sunday, with the red-hot Niners in Baltimore for a match-up with the red-hot Ravens.  It is a rare opportunity to watch a first-class game as soon as you get home from church -- which is the best time to watch the NFL, in my opinion.  So enjoy.

The Sunday Night game has the Patriots going to Houston.  That should be pretty good.  The Monday Night game has the Vikings at the Seahawks, and that game should be really good.  So we have three top-10 games in one week, which is -- I think -- the most I've ever seen.  GO FOOTBALL!!

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  1. Go football, indeed. NFL19 totally delivered this weekend. Dolphins have won three of their last five.