Tuesday, November 19, 2019

AP NFL Poll: Week 12

Lamar Jackson put on a show over the weekend, and the Ravens crushed the Texans 41 to 7.  Jackson has suddenly become the most exciting story in the league.  Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs have won two games in a row, and it looks as though we may get some drama in the AFC after all.

Here is the NFL's current top 10, according to the AP:

1.  Baltimore:  8-2
2.  New England:  9-1
3.  San Francisco:  9-1
4.  Seattle:  8-2
5.  Green Bay:  8-2
6.  New Orleans: 8-2
7.  Minnesota:  8-3
8.  Kansas City:  7-4
9.  Dallas:  6-4
10.  Buffalo:  7-3

The Dolphins (2-8) fell to 29th place, while the Redskins (1-9) remain mired in 31st.

The Game of the Week is in San Francisco on Sunday night, where the 49ers will host the Packers.  There's another game of interest in the 3:25 PM slot on Sunday afternoon, with the Patriots hosting the Cowboys -- although, to be honest, no one thinks Dallas will actually win that game.  These are the only top 10 games on the schedule.

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  1. Browns vs. Dolphins, Jets. vs. Raiders and Steelers vs. Bengals would be a great AFC weekend in NFL71 or so.

    I am legitimately looking forward to seeing these two late-Sunday games you noted.