Tuesday, October 8, 2019

MLB Playoffs: Day Five

What a day yesterday!  Three teams facing elimination -- the Rays, Cardinals, and Nats -- all won.  (The Twins lost 3-1 to the Yankees, but they weren't going anywhere anyway.)  Today is a travel day for the National League, so we only have one game today.  The Rays finally make it into prime time:

6:07 PM Central:  Houston at Tampa Bay (Houston leads 2-1) (Fox Sports One)

Status of other series:

New York has beaten Minnesota, 3 games to 0.  The Twins have now lost 16 consecutive post-season games, which is one of the most amazing things I've ever heard of in sports.  The Twins have not won a playoff series since the Divisional Series in 2002, when they beat the Oakland team that's featured in Moneyball.

Atlanta and St. Louis are tied 2-2 (next game on Wednesday).  These two teams played a thriller yesterday afternoon.  The Braves were up 4-3 going into the bottom of the 8th, when Yadier Molina singled to tie the game.  Two innings later, Molina -- the Grand Ole Man of St. Louis -- whanged a sacrifice fly to left for the game-winner.  Atlanta has not won a playoff series since 2001, when they beat the Astros in a divisional series.

Los Angeles and Washington are tied 2-2 (next game on Wednesday).  Washington has not won a playoff series since 1924, when the Senators beat the New York Giants to win the World's Championship.  But last night, facing elimination at home, they survived thanks to 7 innings of 1-run pitching from Max Scherzer, and a three-run homer from Ryan Zimmerman -- the Grand Ole Man of Washington.  The Nats beat Los Angeles 6-1 to force a Game Five in L.A.


  1. Are you rooting for the Dodgers or the Nationals? Either way, good luck tonight.

  2. I'm for the Nats all the way. If they lose, I'll root for the Dodgers all the way.