Friday, October 11, 2019

MLB Playoffs: Day Eight

Back home in Minute Maid Park, the Astros sent out Gerrit Cole to shut down the Rays once and for all, and he certainly did so.  For the second time in the series, Cole completely dominated the Rays, going eight innings.  He allowed two hits, only one run, and had 10 strikeouts.  He did all of this in only 107 pitches.  (Remember that the Dodgers used Walker Buehler for 117 pitches in Game Five against the Dodgers, and he was only able to get through 6 2/3 innings.  And so Buehler did not make it to the eighth inning -- and that was the inning where the Nats tied the game.)

Meanwhile, the Astros offense scored four quick runs in the first inning, so their fans never really had to worry very much.  Houston cruised to an easy 6-1 victory, and we all get the rematch between Houston and the Yankees that this season has been demanding all year.

Tonight, in St. Louis, we get the beginning of the NLCS:

7:07 PM Central:  Washington at St. Louis (TBS).

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  1. I do not consider the A.L. Astros, whom I hate, a continuation of the N.L. Astros, whom I kind of liked.