Thursday, October 17, 2019

AP NFL Poll: Week 7

I began this football season with great confidence that the Patriots and Clemson would both repeat.  So far I've seen nothing to make me change my mind.  Here's the AP's latest top 10 for the NFL:

1.  New England:  6-0
2.  New Orleans:  5-1
3.  San Francisco:  5-0
4.  Seattle:  5-1
5.  Green Bay:  5-1
6.  Houston:  4-2
7.  Buffalo:  4-1
8.  Minnesota:  4-2
9.  Kansas City: 4-2
10.  Baltimore:  4-2

The game of the week is in Seattle, where the number-4 Seahawks will be hosting the number-10 Ravens.  The Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII (2012 season), and Seattle won Super Bowl XLVIII (2013 Season), and the Seahawks also went to Super Bowl XLIX (2014 Season).  Despite these facts, I have had almost no interest in these teams, and in fact I'm not sure I've ever deliberately watched Seattle play a regular season game.  But they'll be going at it on Sunday afternoon for those who care.

That's the only top-10 game this week, so I'm really hoping that the Astros and Yankees make it to Game Seven.


  1. Russell Wilson is playing as the best QB in football so far this season, so check him out.

  2. Now that the Dolphins are cheating right along with the Patriots, my NFL interest is at an all-time low. One of the Nashville channels that does not carry the NFL shows Seinfelds on Sunday afternoons, and those are fun to tune in when we are home.

  3. You should watch the MLB playoffs. They've been pretty good. And it's almost time for UK basketball.