Wednesday, October 9, 2019

AP NFL Poll: Week 6

Here is the latest top 10 from the NFL, with the Pats still having a pretty easy time of it, and the Niners moving up fast:

1.  New England Patriots:  5-0
2.  New Orleans Saints:  4-1
3.  Kansas City Chiefs:  4-1
4.  San Francisco 49ers:  4-0
5.  Green Bay Packers:  4-1
6.  Seattle Seahawks:  4-1
7.  Los Angeles Rams:  3-2
8.  Buffalo Bills:  4-1
9.  Philadelphia Eagles:  3-2
10.  Dallas Cowboys:  3-2

I think we're finally getting a sense of how the NFL really looks.  Green Bay's victory in Dallas answered a lot of questions about those two teams, as did San Francisco's blowout of Cleveland.  My guess is that the Eagles are on the way up, and the Bills and Cowboys may go down.  But I think most of the teams now in the top 10 will be there at the end of the year.

I indicated last week I thought that the Redskins should be 31st, and now they are.  The Dolphins remain in 32d.  This week we get a rare 31 v. 32 match-up, as the Skins travel to Miami for a rematch of Super Bowls VII and XVII.  The Skins are in chaos, as they just fired their coach, and I have no idea what they will do.  The Dolphins are in an interesting position.  I think they're pretty clearly tanking in the expectations of drafting Tua Tagovailoa next year.  But they are very capable of beating the Redskins -- and the Redskins are fully capable of going 0-16 if they lose to the Dolphins.  So this game could get fairly awkward.

The best game this week is the Sunday Afternoon game in Los Angeles between the Rams and Niners.  Eric will remember this better than me, but I'm pretty sure that there is a Dragnet episode where Friday and Gannon are going to get together and watch a night game between these two teams.  Of course, the whole thing gets interrupted by a crime wave.  But I would absolutely watch a movie that consisted almost entirely of Friday and Gannon watching a football game.

There are no other games between top-10 teams this week.


  1. All the football people I listen to are very excited for the Rams and 49ers as no one is quite sure what to make of the 49ers.

  2. Patriots showing a lot of intestinal fortitude in not being brought down by the disappointment of their ill-fated cheating to acquire Antonio Brown.

  3. Looks as though Tua will be going to Miami, unless he pulls an Eli Manning.