Sunday, August 11, 2019

Pan Am Medal Count

I think this is the final medal count from Lima:

USA:  120G + 88S + 85B = 293
BRA:  55G + 45S + 71B = 171
CAN:  35G + 64S + 53B = 152
MEX:  37G + 36S + 63B = 136

On the whole, the USA won 293 medals out of a total of 1,361, for a total of 21.5 percent.  In the 2015 Pan Am games, we won 265 medals out of a total of 1,185, for a total of 22.4 percent.

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  1. Early yesterday, I noticed that the ESPNs planned to spend a lot of Sunday closing out the Pan Ams, and I planned to flip it on in the afternoon and watch whatever was on. But then I forgot until the closing ceremonies. When I turned it on, they were pretty deep into the affair and calling on the games president to give his address. I hadn't even watched this event, and I still found myself getting sad that it was coming to a close! That's ridiculous, but it was true, so I turned the TV off again.