Monday, August 26, 2019

Album Reviews: SASAMI and Dido

SASAMI's self titled debut album is an interesting mix of Liz Phair, Sonic Youth, and a touch of Kate Bush. The album feels very personal and raw at times and it really works. I find the first half of the album to be much stronger than the second half but still it works all the way through.

"I Was a Window," the opening track, is a good way to start the album and gets us right into the mindset of the songs to come with the opening verse.

There is a shadow over something that used to be a light
I was a window into something you didn't like
So you blamed it on me
And you thought it made you free
But that's not how it works, my love

All in all I enjoyed the album and rate it 2 stars out of 5. There are captivating moments if you listen to this album a few times, but definitely need to be in a thoughtful place to really enjoy it to its fullest.

Dido's fifth studio album Still on My Mind comes out 6 years after her last studio album and 20 years since her first. Her sound has held up over those 20 years and feels modern in part because her sound of 1999 has so influenced many young female artists out there today. Her lyrical and singing voice feels very similar to how it did 20 years ago and that is something I found refreshing. There are moments when she sounds more weathered, but that is a good thing when you are talking about an artist who is in her late 40's. This album can definitely be put on while you are cleaning the house but more likely on a day when you are feeling a little blue. It's a solid album from a professional artist and I give it 2 stars out of 5.

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  1. I enjoyed both of these songs, which reminded me, respectively and happily, of Belly and (Hazel's!) Jackie DeShannon.