Friday, June 28, 2019

Oh, Kentucky

Perry County's fifth-annual fair drew record numbers, and organizers in part credit the new sea-lion show and world-class juggler. Katie Kelley provides a happy recap in the Hazard Herald.

Gina Kinslow of the Glasgow Daily Times delivers a similarly entertaining report from the outset of the Barren County Fair: "Some of my fondest memories are here. My whole family works all week and all my friends I've grown up with are here."

Logan and Woodford, too.

Factoring poverty, percentage of adults with bachelor’s degrees and life expectancy, USA TODAY and its 24/7 Wall Street content partner identified McCreary as the worst in which to live of Kentucky's 100 counties with population of at least 10,000.

I had no idea Kentucky has designs on making itself the nation's "Sandbox" for beta-testing "innovative products, processes, methods or procedures relating to the sale, solicitation, negotiation, fulfillment, administration or use" for the "InsurTech" industries, but I am intrigued.

Louisa--Taco Bell territory since 1995--is getting a first-of-its-kind "Explorer" prototype store with multiple levels, self-serve kiosks and two fireplaces.

Good jobs and (intriguing healthcare/mall) news from South Williamson.

Pink Lily's community impact in Bowling Green has been hailed nationally.

The Hacks Crossroad Market facelift is complete, and the Butler County store is grandly reopened (and serving homemade cheesecake).

More shelter for the animals at the Bell County Animal Shelter, thanks to someone's inheritance gift and  volunteer labor from Bell County Area Technology Center carpentry students.

Hiring in Clinton, Mayfield and Paducah (maybe you could be Channel 6's next meteorologist!).

Christmas parades: Murray, Dec. 1; Hopkinsville, Dec. 6, and Henderson and Scottsville, Dec. 7.


  1. So disappointing there isn't a picture of the Louisa Taco Bell.

  2. I know. I wonder if there's an artist's rendition out there somewhere.