Monday, June 3, 2019

Oh, Kentucky

Five years later, Army comes home, to Oldham County.

WKU Photojournalism picks up Hearst Award for Overall Photojournalism No. 25.

Happy Ali Week in Louisville.

And then a free "afternoon of entertainment and exploration," courtesy of the Kentucky Opera, June 9 at The Brown Theatre.

Good jobs news from Edmonton.

Hiring in Cadiz (for "Welders, Assemblers, Machine Operators, Painters, Blasters & CNC Operators," on June 21).

Paducah's Midtown Alliance of Neighbors has three new 1,200-square-foot homes planned for low-to-moderate-income families, per Channel 12.

"(H)ealth coverage is just one factor that shapes health outcomes ... to further boost health in Kentucky we need to address these other important health factors. And yet, instead of increasing investments in these areas, the state has disinvested in education, public health, social services and environmental protection — all areas that are critical to health – for over a decade." Ashley Spalding and the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy peal the onion of Kentucky's poor health rankings.

"The way it’s worded, it’s completely counterintuitive to this Supreme Court directive. So it has to go." Ben Kleppinger's Advocate-Messenger breakdown on problems with Boyle County's sign ordinance is comprehensive, but, for my money, the real jewel here is his photograph of the signs along Danville's Hustonville Road. Makes me want pizza. Also, the font on the "Drive Thru" sign is a dead giveaway that Wok-N-Go used to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken.

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