Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Oh, Kentucky

The 72-student 2019 class for the Governor's School for Entrepreneurs is out. It starts next month at Northern Kentucky U, and, per Corbin's Times-Tribune, "students learn firsthand about the opportunities, benefits and pitfalls of beginning a business. Teams of high school students develop business models, design prototypes, and pitch startup ideas to a large audience and panel of judges."

Meanwhile, starting in the fall, one no longer needs to leave Pulaski County to attain a four-year degree from Eastern, Morehead, Western or UK.

Working out a 98k salary with her, Frankfort reeled in its new finance director from Boise, Idaho. Thorough city 411 from Zack McDonald in The State Journal.

Houchens Industries of Bowling Green has taken its Crossroads IGA game to Lexington.

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  1. The 4 year degree story is very interesting. I'll be curious to see how that works.