Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Where Are They Now? End of the 2018-2019 Season

Bam Adebayo (Miami Heat)
23.3 MPG, 57.6% FG, 7.3 Reb, 2.2 Ast, 8.9 PTS, 120 ORtg, 104 DRtg

A solid season Adebayo was a starter by the end of the year. I would expect to see Adebayo get a new contract over the summer.

Eric Bledsoe (Milwaukee Bucks)
29.1 MPG, 48.4% FG, 32.9 % 3PT, 4.6 Reb, 5.5 Ast, 15.9 PTS, 116 ORtg, 105 DRtg

Bledsoe put together his best NBA season this year and is on a team that is hoping to make the NBA finals. He also signed a 4 year extension with Milwaukee worth $70 million.

Devin Booker (Phoenix Suns)
35.0 MPG, 46.7% FG, 32.6% 3PT, 4.1 Reb, 6.8 Ast, 26.6 PTS, 109 ORtg, 118 DRtg

The Suns continued to be the worst team in the NBA and though Booker had his moments it was not a good year. If he ever is on a competitive team it will be interesting to see how he performs.

Isaiah Briscoe (Orlando Magic)
14.3 MPG, 39.9% FG, 1.9 Reb, 2.2 Ast, 3.5 PTS, 96 ORtg, 111 DRtg

Briscoe signed a multi-year deal but with only the first year guaranteed and was waived near the end of the season. On the surface this all looks disappointing but he made a big impact with Orlando but got hurt near the end of the season and choices were made. It is assumed he will resign with someone, Orlando is hoping they can bring him back.

Willie Cauley-Stein (Sacramento Kings)
27.3 MPG, 55.6% FG, 8.4 Reb, 2.4 Ast, 11.9 PTS, 118 ORtg, 108 DRtg

A disappointing end to the season for the Kings saw them miss the playoffs. Cauley-Stein had his best season starting all 81 games he played but does not have the contract he was wanting.

DeMarcus Cousins (Golden State Warriors)
25.7 MPG, 48% FG, 27.4% 3PT, 8.2 Reb, 3.6 Ast, 16.3 PTS, 109 ORtg, 102 DRtg

A very disappointing end to the season for Cousins who came back with the Warriors, played 30 games, seemed to have found a role on the team, then got hurt. He will be a free agent and once again coming off of injury. I have a feeling we'll be looking at another 1 year contract as he tries to build up value.

Anthony Davis (New Orleans Pelicans)
33.0 MPG, 51.7% FG, 33.1% 3PT, 12.0 Reb, 3.9 Ast, 25.9 PTS, 122 ORtg, 105 DRtg

What a miserable year for Davis. It all seemed to fall apart after his agent came out and said Davis was demanding a trade. He is still under contract with New Orleans, though most assume they will trade him somewhere in the off season.

Hamidou Diallo (Oklahoma City Thunder)
10.3 MPG, 45.5% FG, 1.9 Reb, 3.7 PTS, 103 ORtg, 108 DRtg

He had a good rookie year and won the dunk competition during the All Star break.

De'Aaron Fox (Sacramento Kings)
31.4 MPG, 45.8% FG, 37.1% 3PT, 3.8 Reb, 7.3 Ast, 17.3 PTS, 110 ORtg, 111 DRtg

A big improvement to Fox's offensive game this year was one of the reasons the Kings were still in the playoff hunt late into the year.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (Los Angeles Clippers)
26.5 MPG, 47.6% FG, 36.7% 3PT, 2.8 Reb, 3.3 Ast, 10.8 PTS, 108 ORtg, 112 DRtg

A great rookie season for Gilgeous-Alexander. He played in 81 games and started in 73. His team made the playoffs.

Andrew Harrison (New Orleans Pelicans)
11.0 MPG, 30.2% FG, 20.0% 3Pt, 1.2 Reb, 1.4 Ast, 3.2 PTS, 95 ORtg, 119 DRtg

Harrison is no longer in the NBA. He made his way through three teams before being cut in January by New Orleans.

Enes Kanter (Portland Trailblazers)
24.5 MPG, 54.9% FG, 9.8 Reb, 1.7 Ast, 13.7 PTS, 118 ORtg, 111 DRtg

He finally landed on a good team and so far has played very well in the playoffs for Portland. As far as I know he's a free agent at the end of this season. It will be interesting to see where he lands.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Charlotte Hornets)
18.4 MPG, 47.6% FG, 3.8 Reb, 1.0 Ast, 6.7 PTS, 115 ORtg, 112 DRtg

Kidd-Gilchrist has one more years left on his contract with Charlotte. I can't imagine he will finish out this contract in Charlotte. My guess is he'll land at a contract dump so that Charlotte can clear up some space to make some changes. After that who knows. I can't really see him staying in the NBA after his final year on this current contract.

Brandon Knight (Cleveland Cavaliers)
18.9 MPG, 38.1% FG, 31.8% 3Pt, 1.5 Reb, 1.8 Ast, 101 ORtg, 119 DRtg

It has been quite a while since Knight played a meaningful game of basketball in the NBA. During the first 50 games of the 2014-15 season Knight was the starting point guard on the up and coming Bucks team that would never come to anything. He was traded from there to Phoenix and has been played a meaningful minute since. This year he ended up at Cleveland and has one year left on his contract. I would imagine Cleveland will try and trade him as they begin a rebuild or will just ride him out this next year as winning in not very important.

Kevin Knox (New York Knicks)
28.8 MPG, 37% FG, 34.3% 3Pt, 4.5 Reb, 1.1 Ast, 93 ORtg, 116 DRtg

It's tough when a rookie gets onto a team that is tanking. The problem is they get so much thrown at them that it is hard to tell how good they really are. It will be interesting to see if Knox is still with the Knicks next season or if he gets moved as the Knicks try to go all in on free agents this off season.

Skal Labissiere (Portland Trailblazers)
8.0 MPG, 53.1% FG, 2.0 Reb, 3 PTS, 108 ORtg, 109 DRtg

Labissiere got traded to Portland and is actually on their playoff roster. He has one more year left on his contract so we'll see if he can do something next season.

Trey Lyles (Denver Nuggets)
17.5 MPG, 41.8% FG, 25.5% 3Pt, 3.8 Reb, 8.5 PTS, 100 ORtg, 109 DRtg

Lyles is trending in the wrong direction. His shooting really dropped off this year and that was the main strength he had going for him. He'll be a free agent at the end of the season. We'll see if he gets picked up by anyone.

Darius Miller (New Orleans Pelicans)
25.5 MPG, 30.0% FG, 36.5% 3Pt, 1.9 Reb, 2.1 Ast, 8.2 PTS, 110 ORtg, 116 DRtg

Miller just finished what I think will be his last run in the NBA.

Malik Monk (Charlotte Hornets)
17.2 MPG, 38.7% FG, 33.0% 3Pt, 1.9 Reb, 1.6 Ast, 8.9 PTS, 99 ORtg, 114 DRtg

Monk showed little improvement from his rookie year but the Hornets did pick up his option for next season. I have a feeling that will be his last shot with Charlotte.

Jamal Murray (Denver Nuggets)
32.6 MPG, 43.7% FG, 36.7% 3Pt, 4.2 Reb, 4.8 Ast, 18.2 PTS, 110 ORtg, 111 DRtg

Murray improved more this season and had a solid year. Denver didn't sign him to a longer contract but did pick up the last option year of his rookie contract, so he'll be back next year. Now we'll see if this young Denver team can get past the first round of the playoffs.

Nerlens Noel (Oklahoma City Thunder)
13.7 MPG, 58.7% FG, 4.2 Reb, 0.6 Ast, 4.9 PTS, 122 ORtg, 99 DRtg

Noel is a bench player at best these days. He has a player option for one more year with OKC, I assume he'll take it since I believe the only alternative will be Europe. Noel is a good example of what can happen to a player who gets thrown into a bad situation as a rookie.

Patrick Patterson (Oklahoma City Thunder)
13.7 MPG, 37.4% FG, 33.6% 3Pt, 2.3 Reb, 0.5 Ast, 3.6 PTS, 106 ORtg, 110 DRtg

Patterson has a player option for next season and I assume he'll take it. Right now though he's trying to help OKC win a playoff series.

Julius Randle (New Orleans Pelicans)
30.6 MPG, 52.4% FG, 34.4% 3Pt, 8.7 Reb, 3.1 Ast, 21.4 PTS, 113 ORtg, 112 DRtg

Randle had a breakout season. He added a 3 point shot to his game and so that has raised his value in the NBA. He has a player option next year to stay with New Orleans, I'm not sure what he'll do, but it is assumed he'll try the free agent market.

Rajon Rondo (Los Angeles Lakers)

29.8 MPG, 40.5% FG, 35.9% 3Pt, 5.3 Reb, 8.0 Ast, 9.2 PTS, 100 ORtg, 110 DRtg

Not sure Rondo will be in the NBA next year. This was a bust of a season.

Karl-Anthony Towns (Minnesota Timberwolves)
33.1 MPG, 51.8% FG, 40.0% 3Pt, 12.4 Reb, 3.4 Ast, 24.4 PTS, 118 ORtg, 108 DRtg

Towns had a solid year but Minnesota completely collapsed. Now the big question is what is the problem in Minnesota.

Jarred Vanderbilt (Denver Nuggets)
4.1 MPG, 47.4% FG, 1.4 Reb, 0.2 Ast, 1.4 PTS, 90 ORtg, 101 DRtg

Vanderbilt spent most of the season in the G League. Hopefully he'll get more time up next season.

John Wall (Washington Wizards)
34.5 MPG, 44.4% FG, 30.2% 3Pt, 3.6 Reb, 8.7 Ast, 20.7 PTS, 104 ORtg, 114 DRtg

Wall was having a bad year then got injured and out for the season and likely next season as well.

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  1. I will be rooting for my main man from Maysville to prove you wrong, but I really appreciated and learned from this report. For example, I learned I am now rooting for the Bucks and either the Blazers or Nuggets to collide in the NBA19 Finals.