Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Fortieth Podcast

The fortieth podcast is up. Thanks to freemidi.org for the audio files. Eric and Matthew begin simulating the Fake CBK.

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  1. This whole activity turned out to be a huge success.

  2. We've got to update the bracket standings in our house. Pretty sure my daughter's going to win. My wife and I both had Kentucky winning everything, but the daughter had Virginia winning--you can imagine why.

  3. You had a lot of patience to wade through my convoluted explanation of how the Fake CBK19 tournament was fielded.

  4. Especially notable from this episode is UK's first-round matchup with the Georgia State Panthers, both the regular-season and tournament champions of the Sun Belt Conference. Real GSU had advanced to four NCAA tournaments before this season and twice advanced to the second round.

    Georgia State spurted to an early seven-point lead, as UK was sloppy through an up-and-down game. It was 46-40 at the half, and midway through the second half, the Panthers' lead had swollen to 10. Georgia State had hit 11 of 16 three-pointers to this point in the contest.

    "It's officially done," Matthew said. "OH! KENTUCKY HAS COME BACK!"

    With five minutes to go, Kentucky mounts an 11-point run to overtake Georgia State for the Wildcats' first lead since 3-2. UK wins going away, 93-82.

  5. The "Run for the Roses" MIDI just kills me.