Thursday, April 25, 2019

Album Review: Worthy by India Arie

India Arie may well be the queen of adult R&B at this point. We have songs about love and politics and very much rooted in things that adults seem to think about. Take the lyrics to the song "Sacred Space" off of this album. This song could be about God, it could be about a husband or wife, it could be about a best friend. It doesn't matter it's the message that I think an older audience can really connect with.

You are where I go to hide
When the wind starts to blow
When the lightning starts to strike
When the thunder starts to roll
When this life becomes a fight
You are where I put my gloves down
When I'm running out of time
You are where I go to slow down

If you like India Arie then you'll be happy with this album. Should be a good summer listen. Following the Rhapsody rating method I give it 3 out of 5 stars for Pretty Good.  It's nice when an older artist, she's 43, produces something that feels so tied to the moment and so energetic.  At the end of the year this may be the album I would point back to and say that's 2019.  We are all tired of the new cycle, tired of social media, and just looking for love and comfort. 


  1. This is all well put. Even this song in the video, "What If," has an apt weariness to it--as though she's trying to rally herself to the message.

  2. My only knock on the video is that the song has this referring theme back to love being the key but then they have clips of people holding not so nice signs about Trump. I think that's a mistake and loses some of the charm of the video and song.