Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Oh, Kentucky

Welcome to Greenville (coming soon).

Hiring in Princeton (for jobs there and in Eddyville, Grand Rivers, Marion, etc.)

If you're planning to get your Chik-fil-A on in Ashland, you better get it going. But chill: "It is temporarily a bad thing but it is long term a good thing."

Some in Louisville City FC Nation are not about to chill.

Wonderful Nita Johnson feature in London's Sentinel Echo on Laurel County's new teacher of the year: "I always tell them, Te Amo Mucho - I love you a lot," she said. "I always want that to be the last words they hear."

The equivalent of about half of Kentucky's old tires reportedly are being converted into energy at East Kentucky Power Cooperative’s Spurlock Station in Maysville.

Why are people getting sick in the mail room of the federal prison in Manchester?


  1. I don't understand what that means about the accusations and no longer showing the videos.

  2. Well, I don't exactly either, but, apparently, the Breathitt Advocate was publishing videos of the Breathitt County fiscal-court meetings on their website or Facebook stream. But somebody made some sort of nasty accusation at one such meeting, and the newspaper decided it wanted to avoid future situations where it could potentially spread misinformation. Even though it isn't the newspaper directly saying whatever was said, you don't want to be in the business of providing a platform for spread of falsehoods or opinions of negligible public benefit.

    It must be really difficult to figure out this line given today's media capabilities. I'm so glad that there wasn't much raw feed of press conferences, interviewing, etc. when I was a newspaper journalist. It used to feel as though everyone involved in those things understood that someone might be asked basically the same basic question five or six different ways to get different nuances of a situation and flesh out the journalists' understanding. But those are different environments now with the expectation of live broadcasting, and I'm not sure they are for the better. And I'm quite certain a person like me, who honestly tends to need to be told something many, many different times and in many, many different ways to understand it, would not thrive.