Sunday, March 17, 2019

Newsstand, March 1973

Paducah made Ebony!

Meanwhile, Boys' Life has an enthralling depiction on a Catlettsburg, Kentucky, Scout's springing into action to save a neighbor boy's life. (I loved these "Scouts In Action" features in Boys' Life when I was a kid.)

I don't really know much at all about National Lampoon magazine, but its March 1973 cover cracks me up. It's like one of those great overly specific Onion editorial cartoons, and, in this one, the personified magazine is marching into "GOOD TASTE" and "SWEETNESS AND LIGHT" and away from its "BAD TASTE" marked by "VICIOUS ATTACKS," "UNCALLED-FOR SMUT" and--my favorite--"TEARING DOWN WITHOUT BUILDING UP." This last one is represented by a man maniacally smashing birds with a hammer. As it moves toward a future of "MIRTH," "MERRIMENT" and "HARMLESS JOSHING," National Lampoon declares in a sturdy, seriffed font that it is "On the Right Path." Now this is a fantastic cover.

Here are the Nixons, by Norman Rockwell, on a magazine I had never heard of, First Monday. From looking at other eBay searches, it appears to be some sort of GOP-advocacy publication--and maybe even produced by a Nixon-specific organization.

I also was unaware of QST, "The Official Journal of the ARRL," or Amateur Radio Relay League of Hartford and now Newington, Connecticut.

I'm so happy to report that I still so love television, and each of this 1973 month's TV Guide covers--March 3, March 10, March 17, March 24 and March 31--just absolutely makes me want to watch more.

Turning to sports, Action Sports Hockey is taking us “INSIDE THE CANADIENS’ HATE-FILLED DRESSING ROOM;” Carlos Monzon is Boxing Illustrated's fighter of the year, and The Sporting News picks Nate Archibald and Bill Walton for its pro and college players of the 1972-73 basketball season, respectively (and congratulations, William "Bird" Averitt of Hoptown and Pepperdine for his honorable mention!)

More from March 1973 magazines:

-- Music Star, "The Loneliness of Michael Jackson"

-- Country Song Roundup, "who is Jim Ed Brown?"

-- Tiger Beat, "OSMONDS: Will Religion STOP Them From LOVING YOU?!"

-- 16 Magazine, "David--Is He a Phony?!"

-- Seventeen, "the real-life BRIDGET AND BERNIE"

-- Modern Screen, “DISCOVERED! BURT REYNOLDS & DINAH SHORE’S Secret Love Hideout!”


-- Christian Crusade Weekly, “POWs Tell of Religious Experiences” and “US Warming Up To Cuba?”

-- Consumer Reports, “The High-Filth Diet, Compliments of FDA”

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