Saturday, February 2, 2019

What's On TV Tonight (1973)?

It's a David Aldridge Friday night on Feb. 2, 1973, on Channel 3:

At 7 p.m., it's an old HP favorite, "Bobby's Hero," on Brady Bunch.

At 7:30, Bert Convy, who has not been discussed nearly enough at the HP, makes a pass by The Partridge Family.

At 8, we have Room 222, a show I know hardly anything about and one with apparently no Season 4/1972-73 full episodes available online. Here's how The Paducah Sun described tonight 1973's episode: "A bright, rebellious student plans to refuse a college scholarship to protest scholastic competition." I should probably spend a little more time with this program.

At 8:30 comes dependable Odd Couple.

And, at 9, it's Love, American Style, which is hard to find online. But then we can pretty much fill in the blanks of the hour from this IMDb episode summary: "A woman is willing to remove everything but her gloves. A bride undergoes hypnosis in order to relax. A woman is prone to hysterical laughing upsetting social events. A young girl finds the ideal roommate with a gut but insists on being platonic." 


  1. Replies
    1. Bobby Noles, incidentally, played the 1952 and '53 seasons with the Union City (Tennessee) Greyhounds and Orlando (Florida) Senators.

  2. I would've totally endorsed Shirley Jones and Bert Convy's marrying and integrating their families in this show. That would've been excellent. And Bert Convy could've expanded the act's musical portfolio to a whole other sound.

  3. My favorite "Walking in the Rains:"

    5. Jay and the Americans
    4. Cheryl Ladd
    3. Rita Wilson
    2. Rosettes
    1. Partridge Family