Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Oh, Kentucky

Whose medals are these?

Is the "war on coal" still a thing?

Most everyone appears to think Kentucky's cash-bail system needs an overhaul, and so now we wait for Real Legislature to see what's next.

In other study news, the numbers around retirement in Kentucky are simply brutal.

The accolades for Lily's Silas House and his Southernmost keep rolling in. Here's the end of an Angela Turner report in Corbin's Times-Tribune: "Maurice Manning, professor of English and Transylvania writer in residence, said the novel 'asks a brave question: Is there a limit to love or to faith? Quietly and in beautiful prose the novel answers the question. This is simply the kind of writer Silas is—courageous, open, curious. His novels are sources of discovery and wisdom.'"

Meanwhile, Kentucky Monthly's annual "Penned" winners are in--from Amburgey, Bowling Green, Brandenburg, Frankfort, Lexington, Madisonville, Owingsville and Wellington.


  1. You can use statistics to argue any point. 17% of all people know that.