Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Oh, Kentucky

Good jobs news from Coal Run and Franklin.

The Christian Church (Disciples of Kentucky) is restructuring itself, and you can learn more and weigh in on the proposed changes.

First Aid Kit, so hot at the HP in 2018, is on the docket for July's Forecastle Festival in Louisville.

Turning to sports, the KHSAA's tweaks to its state golf tournaments aggravated the Golf Channel crowd.

Rest in peace, "Joe Franklin Fulks, Corporal US Marine Corps." (Steve Flairty in the Northern Kentucky Tribune revisits the triumphant and tragic tale of the "Kuttawa Clipper.")


  1. I've emailed in my guess for today's WKDZ Song Scramble, and I"m pretty sure I'm right.

  2. Updating this prior report, I have heard back from WKDZ, and, while I was correct that the Song Scramble song was "Shake Your Groove Thing" by Peaches and Herb, I was (sadly) not the first respondent with the correct guess.