Monday, January 28, 2019

What's On TV Tonight (1973)?

Long-time followers of the HP's Hooray for TV!™ desk know that I tend to favor sitcoms in coverage; however, I am thrilled that the offerings of tonight, Jan. 28, 1973, present the opportunity to learn the origin story of Barnaby Jones. at 8:30 p.m. Central on Channel 12.

"Barnaby Jones, who turned his detective business over to his son, is forced out of retirement on his Southern California ranch to track down his son's killer." I'm surprised that this little blurb from The Paducah Sun's TV previews fails to emphasize the Quinn Martin crossover with Cannon.

Frank Cannon is at home winding down after a busy day of privately detecting by doing some late-night whipping up of a spinach soufflé, when the phone rings.

It's colleague Hal Jones, who reports he is in some kind of trouble.

Frank Cannon helpfully invites his friend over for reassuring words and fresh soufflé.

And Hal Jones is obviously relieved, until he opens the telephone-booth door.

Bang! Bang! (It's really perverse how totally unbothered American society of the last 100 years, at least, has been with murder in mass media, relative to, say, sexuality or bathroom stuff.)

Well, deal with it, Snowflake--Hal Jones is dead. 

Meanwhile, back at Frank Cannon's house, ...

... the soufflé turned out fantastic!

It's getting kind of late, though; whatever happened to Hal Jones?

Frank Cannon's got a bad feeling about this. He better call Hal Jones's house and see what's up.

It's Barnaby Jones, consoling his daughter-in-law and cooperating with the police.

He's perplexed and intrigued with the call from Frank Cannon. They better get together and compare notes before these dull-witted cops muck everything up.

Buddy Ebsen is freaking magnificent.

Whoever this dude is who killed Hal Jones is in bad trouble with these two pros on the case!