Tuesday, January 8, 2019

What's On TV Tonight (1973)?

The Doris Day Show is down to 10 new stories in its five-season/128-episode run, and I've missed almost all of the fun so far.

Tonight 1973 at 8 Central on Channel 12, it's "The Hoax." Teases the Sun-Democrat: "Andy Griffith stars as a glib operator of a Hollywood talent agency and actiing school who promises to lead Doris to a lucrative career as an actress."

At the outset of tonight's episode, we find "swinging single career woman" Doris Martin out for dinner with her friend, Jackie Parker. She is soon approached by Mitch Folger, a handsome talent scout who is in San Francisco from Hollywood, he says, to recruit attractive faces for commercial work.

Miss Martin takes up handsome Mitch on his offer to pursue the exciting opportunity--but without revealing that she is a reporter for Today's World magazine.

It suddenly becomes clear that Mitch's intentions are not all professional.

Ultimately, Mitch learns of Doris's day job and does, in fact, land her a gig, as promised. Miss Martin is left to wonder whether he would've followed through on his word had he not feared being exposed by a respected journalist, and even Mr. Folger admits he is uncertain of how far he would've gone with the hoax.

But, whatever, now Doris has shampoo to sell.

In conclusion, GO, NFL72 DOLPHINS IN SUPER BOWL VII ON JAN. 14, 1973!

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  1. I have become a stone-cold fan of The Doris Day Show. 1973 me is down to two episodes in its five-season run, and I am despondent over this fact.