Friday, January 4, 2019

Oh, Kentucky

Some ... um, interesting numbers in this Associated Press report on Braidy Industries' progress toward an aluminum plant in South Shore: $15 million from the state in 2017 ... $15.7 million spent so far (leaving about $1.66 billion to go ... right?) ... "full commercial operation in 2021" ... about 600 jobs ... three-month extension to the deadline for investors. (And, once again, an interesting last sentence from a report in Forbes last summer: "Kentucky is Braidy's second-largest shareholder.")

Hiring in Brownsville (for the county road department).

Rachel Keller Collins in the Marshall County Tribune-Courier reports on a Draffenville gun shop's heavily booked schedule of "de-escalation" trainings for church security teams.

Randy Patrick in The Kentucky Standard surveys the hemp-oil landscape from the Bardstown point of view.

Kentucky produced lots of Emmas and Williams in 2017.

Might the Special Olympics be coming to Magoffin County?

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  1. I love the idea that a company can exist without really existing. Take orders for building aluminum, get money from a state to build a plant, etc.